Target Sports

Archery or Crossbows

Fancy some competitive fun?

Archery and Crossbow are both great activities to introduce some healthy competition to your team and an enjoyable opportunity for them to try their hand at some new skills.

Your delegates will be supervised by our qualified instructors. They’ll be in safe hands and discover some surprising differences between these ancient disciplines.

Clay Pigeon shooting

How well do you know your team? Are they calm under pressure? Can they react quickly and keep their eye on the detail? Let them try clay pigeon shooting and find out for themselves!

As well as being great fun, it’s an opportunity to develop these desirable skills. It’s also a suitable activity for a competitive team building event.

Air Rifle Shooting

Our highly qualified instructors will encourage your delegates to practice aim and marksmanship skills; adhering to the highest safety practices.

Suitable as an individual or team activity.

Laser Clay

Laser Clay is highly recommended as a first introduction to shooting, as it’s quiet and cartridge free.

Your delegates will be coached by qualified Instructors (using the Lasersport system), who will help them get the most out of this popular activity.

Bow Tag

Based on the popular American Archery Tag, Bow Tag is a competitive team activity where teams take to battle on the Bow Tag Field.

Equipped with bow, mask and armguard the objective is to tag the opposing team with a foam tipped arrow.

Each team has a scoreboard when a core is hit it will fall from the score board 5 fallen cores and your team is out! The game area is covered in large inflatable obstacles (similar to typical paintball sites) and the arrows are foam tipped, so it’s all perfectly safe.

There’s even a ‘no man’s land’ between the team areas to make sure the competitive spirit doesn’t get out of hand! All games are refereed by qualified Instructors, who keep safety and fair play in mind at all times.

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