Late nights at Experience the Country

Each week we host MK Roller Derby and its two teams – The Quads of War and The Concrete Cows – from 7pm to 1030pm for their weekly training meet. Check them out here – For one of the team that means a few extra hours at their desk (Its usually a bit dark to be out on the Segways) which is a great time to go through the weeks more mundane tasks without the phone rings and email pings to distract you.

At this time of year however we are joined on the estate for our late nights by the buzz of the harvest on the farm.With over 1000acres of crops to be harvested ready to make oil, beer and bread it is a round the clock process.

Late nights become the norm with the combine harvester usually out until past 11pm trying to take in as much of the crop as possible during the breaks in the weather.


It’s not all plain sailing though.  With a little over 400acres of the estate being detached, long road runs between the fields and the barns have their own dangers – this week one of the tractors windscreens smashed while travelling between sites.

In a few weeks the fields will be bare and the process of ploughing and seeding will start again, but for now, the combines continue well into the night.